Visa & Immigration

There are several types of Indonesian visa you might apply depending on the purpose of your visit to Indonesia.

Social-Cultural Visit Visa (VKSB)

Social Culture Visit Visa (VKSB) is only for single entry, which means that applicants could only use the visa one time to enter Indonesia. This visa may be issued for those who want to visit Indonesia and stay longer than 60 days. The visa shall be valid for 60 days to begin with and can be extended for 30 days for not more than 4 (four) times consecutively. It means that this visa is eligible for up to 180 days (extension subject to immigration approval). In order to study in the UTS, we are not suggesting you enter Indonesia with this visa because you will have to go to Immigration Office for extension and have to leave Indonesia after 6 months to get a new visa.

  • Limited Stay Visa for Student (Student VITAS index C316)

Limited Stay Visa or VITAS separated for several purposes. One of them is for attending education. Directorate of International Engagement & Collaboration takes responsibility to submit the application of study permit and visa for all International Students who are offered an acceptance letter from UTS. First is to obtain a Telex Visa or Visa Application Approval Letter from the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia. You can not apply for the visa in another city and other types of visa aside from what stated in the Telex

Once the Telex Visa is issued, we will forward it to you and then you can proceed to obtain the Student VITAS in Indonesia Embassy/Consulate in the country you have decided before. You do not have to extend or renew your visa since you have converted it to KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) granted by the Immigration Office. It means that you only have to extend your KITAS.


The administrative requirements referred to the documents that will be needed to apply for the Study Permit to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia.

Here are the procedures to obtain a study permit.

1. International students prepared and sent the required documents to the admission of UTS.
2. UTS complete the required documents and propose the study permit application to the Director of Institutional through the online platform application.
3. The administrator does the verification and validation of the application.
4. The Director of Institutional gives study permit approval with the certified digital signature.
5. UTS received the study permit and sent it to the student.
6. The administrator of study permit service facilitates the surveillance, evaluation and development of the international students through Clearing House (CH).

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