Learn Bahasa Indonesia with us!

Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going – Rita Mae Brown

Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia)  is a continuously expanding language, growing along with the emerging importance of Indonesia in the global sphere. The language is a unifying identity of the archipelagic nation of Indonesia accommodating its hundreds of its rich and diverse ethnicities, language, and cultures. Learning Bahasa Indonesia, you are taking a journey into exploration of this richness  and getting a closer view of its complex society built from these diversity.

Lesser Sunda Institute of Indonesian Studies has recently launched  a new program “Bahasa Indonesia, with Culture and Business perspectives” aimed at bringing a fresh approach to the study of Bahasa Indonesia. While guiding the learner to build their active communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia, they are immersed in the understanding of societal and cultural complexity represented through that language. That way, learners will have a better understanding of this immensely wide archipelagic nation and wishfully grow their own specific interest to possible opportunities grow from that knowledge.

The program is designed into thematic delivery where in each session a topic related to Indonesian culture and societal context is presented where the participants are presented the fresh take of the topic from our in-home teacher or special guest lecture. It is followed with interactive sessions where some vocabularies and expressions were extracted from the presented topic for the learners to put in building active skills through written and verbal expression. 

What will you get

  • You will get up to 1000 new words
  • You will improve your speaking skills.
  • You will get a general knowledge about Indonesian Cultures and Society -you will get practical information about doing business in Indonesia. 

Bonus: we provide an e-certificate /certification of competence from UTS

Why study with us

We are not a regular institute, the program is under Sumbawa Technology University. The program is designed from a holistic perspective, to improve learners’ language skills in a practical way with special lectures about Culture and Business in Indonesia. 

Duration and how the program implemented

  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Total of 18 hours.
  • 2 meetings per week of 1.5 hours each.
  • The meetings are divided into 2 interactive and interconnected sessions: Culture/business topic & language session.
  • Participants will get a pre-test to help mapping out the level ( (Level1 & Level 2, Beginners: A1, A2, Intermediate: B1, B2)

Contact us

E-mail : international.affairs@uts.ac.id

Whatsapp : +6281337328402

Instagram : @utsinternational | @indonesianstudies

Download the brochure here and start planning your course!