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Graduate School of Management Innovation

Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa’s Graduate School is designed to accommodate interdisciplinary graduate learning which offers knowledge and skills to its students to excel and accelerate in their careers. Being an entrepreneur, government official, professional, faculty member, or researcher, graduate-level training is the way for you to equip yourself with important skills demanded by the dynamics changing world that we live in. 

Innovation has become a “mantra” for competitiveness in every field of human practices from governance to entrepreneurship. Responding to this dynamics, UTS’ Graduate School offers Master Program (S2) in Innovation Management. This 2-years master’s program is highly interdisciplinary and covers a wide array of fields from innovation in products to innovation in practices, from business to government, from environmental conservation to tourism development.


Main Focus of Study

Students are involved in direct observation of government, community, and business practices and bring them to the classroom to be discussed and together offer their insight and eventually a solution to what they identify as challenges to these practices. They are trained to bring innovation by creating new technology, imitating and adapting the existing or bringing them to every practice of human life to eventually bring economic competitiveness, especially to the local economy. Offering flexibility and utilizing information technology, the program mixes classroom learning, case studies, and online learning. 

Degree Summary

Management Innovation

During their study, students involve closely in real cases through field visits both in-country and overseas to observe and learn first-hand innovative practices or challenges faced by the observed entities. This direct observation is conducted upon industry, science park, think tank organization or governmental organization that utilizes innovation is their practices.

In collaboration with Sumbawa Science Park (STP), SUMBION, Tokyo University of Agriculture Technology (TUAT), King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi, local government, and the local community of practices, the program brings rich cases and angle in viewing human practices and technology. Guided by faculty members from various disciplines from economics to biotechnology, agriculture to start-up economy, government to the environment, students are trained to think and act in interdisciplinary. Some faculty members are also visiting lecturers from our partner university overseas.

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