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Language is the roadmap of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going – Rita Mae Brown

Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia)  is a continuously expanding language, growing along with the emerging importance of Indonesia in the global sphere. The language is a unifying force of the archipelagic nation of Indonesia accommodating the hundreds of its rich and diverse ethnicities, languages, and cultures. By learning Bahasa Indonesia, you are taking a journey into exploration.

Lesser Sunda Institute of Indonesian Studies has been successfully conducting the program “Bahasa Indonesia, with Culture and Business perspectives” aimed to bring a fresh approach to the study of Bahasa Indonesia. With this course, you will build active communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and immerse yourself in the society and cultural complexity through the language.

The program is designed for thematic delivery where each session has a topic related to culture and business in Indonesia. You will be presented with a fresh take of the topic from our in-home teacher and special guest lectures.

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