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Faculty of Economics and Business

The faculty offers students with global knowledge and perspectives in maneuvering the changing landscape of the business and economics world. Accentuating in the solid academic ground and strong analytical thinking, our students are ready to meet the needs of society.

Businesses are prone to the changing landscape of our global world. New technologies and changes in people’s behavior bring challenges to the sustainability of the business world. Our world is more connected than ever giving the chance for people in every corner of the world to collaborate. Responding to this, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers a resilient higher education in management, finance, and economics and various global dynamics as well as distinctive local challenges surrounding this dimension.


Main Focus of Study

While offering students to choose from 3 specialised study programs that is interdisciplinary in nature, the faculty provide students with strong economics ground. These 3 study programs are:

Degree Summary


The department provides an understanding of micro and macroeconomics theories to prepare students to become leaders in solving economic problems. In addition, developmental economics and behavioral economics offers a distinctive local insight into the economic development and behavior of people in the rural area of Sumbawa (Eastern Indonesia) and beyond. 

Students are prepared to understand the classic theories of economics and their application in the current global challenges as well as the challenges faced by the rural development in Eastern Indonesia interact with the local cultures and values. 

Degree Summary


The perk of globalisation is that people from every corner of the world is being connected more than ever. In learning business and management, this also bring rich cases to the table accessible for every learner in every part of the world. We utilise this to connect our students with global cases side by side with cases from local business to take them into comparative perspectives.

Degree Summary


The program offers to understand theories, concepts, and principal of accounting. Students are prepared with skills to perform and analyze financial reporting, auditing, and management control system.

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