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Faculty of Agricultural Technology

The faculty aims to become a comfortable and competitive home for its students to grow by providing learning and case that is close to them by cherishing local resources and local wisdom in food production.

Aiming to provide quality training and education in the practices of a complete supply chain in food production, the faculty offers two study programs that cover the whole dimension of food production, food processing, and its supply chain, from planting to post-harvest technology, from food processing to its circulation as well as their technology and innovations.


Main Focus of Study

This major is focused on students understanding the broad way of agricultural technology, and the application of techniques to control the growth and harvesting of animal and vegetable products. Which the majors are:

Degree Summary

Agricultural Product Technology

The future of human beings and their civilization is largely defined by food supply and innovative approaches toward food and nutrition. The rapid growth of the human population and the development of technology lead the changes in agricultural practices and innovation in food production to provide the nutritious, healthy, and sustainable agricultural products.

The bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Product Technology in Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa offers students a fresh and interdisciplinary angle in offering solutions to the future of human needs for food and nutrition. In collaboration with other faculty members from different study programs such as Biotechnology and Communications, scholars from this department do not only research food but also the dimension of environment and human behavior toward the complete supply chain of agricultural production.

In this study program, students will be bridged with local agricultural practices as well as food industry-tailored case studies to enrich students’ understanding of the various challenges of agricultural product sciences. Located close to a vast area of traditional farming in Sumbawa as well as to the rich biodiversity of its nature, students are faced with a natural laboratory close to their daily learning environment.

Degree Summary

Industrial Agricultural Technology

Our tailored curriculum which cherishes the local challenges of Sumbawa’s agricultural society and their existence in the ever globalized world prepares our students to be leaders in solving their solutions.

The rapid development of technology benefits agricultural practices when applied to evidence-based scenarios. Collaborating with academics from various study departments such as industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology, our scholars work closely with local farmers to research and create a cutting-edge technology applicable to ease and enhance their agricultural practices.

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