Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering is faculty with biggest student body and most various study program option. The faculty offers six undergraduate study programs that are highly relevant to the dynamics of fast changing  global world as well as the local challenges. These study programs are:

  1. Undergraduate Program (S1) Metallurgical and Material Engineering 
  2. Undergraduate program (S1) in Informatics Engineering
  3. Undergraduate Program (S1) in Industrial Engineering
  4. Undergraduate Program (S1) in Mechanical Engineering 
  5. Undergraduate Program (S1) in Electrical Engineering 
  6. Undergraduate Program (S1) in Civil Engineering 


The faculty is home for young engineer, inventor, and researcher focusing on providing solutions to the challenge of human civilisation as well as to needs of local community. Responding to dynamic challenges of making life better through engineering and technology. 

  1. Undergraduate Program (S1) Metallurgical and Material Engineering 

Metal is one of  most used materials in human daily product, from a simple kitchen utilities to sophisticated nano-elements used in sophisticated technological devices. It is the most recycled and durable material to product tools and devices to sustain human civilization. This study program covers the study of metallic materials as well as non-metal materials from its mining, extraction, and productions. You will learn about the extraction of metal material from minerals, recycled materials and wastes,  the design of metallic materials that possess desired mechanical, physical and chemical properties and the production of components from selected metals and alloys. 

Along with the increased use of metal in various products, there is an increasing demand of professionals in the field of metallurgical and material engineering. Meanwhile, there is lack of professional to fill that increasing demand, especially in mining sites in Sumbawa island and eastern Indonesian region. Responding to this situation, our curriculum is also relevant to qualifications and skills  needed by mineral exploration companies. 

Our students are prepared to explore various career option in mineral exploration, material production as well as the other side of this activity; environmental expert of mineral exploration. In addition, students also prepared to further their study to master level in nano-materials and other related material engineering field. 

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