Faculty of Economics & Business
Businesses are prone to the changing landscape of our global world. New technologies and changing in people‚Äôs behaviour bring challenges to the sustainability of business world. Our world is more connected than ever gives the chance of people in every corner of the world to collaborate. Responding to this, Faculty of Economic and Business offers a resilient higher education in management, finance, and economics and various global dynamics as well as distinctive local challenges surrounding this dimension. 
The faculty offers students with global knowledge and perspectives in manoeuvring the changing landscape of business and  economics world. Accentuating in solid academic ground and strong analytical thinking, our students are ready to meet needs of society
While offering students to choose from 3 specialised study programs that is interdisciplinary in nature, the faculty provide students with strong economics ground. These 3 study programs are:
  1. a. Bachelor Degree (S1) in Economics 
  2. b. Bachelor Degree (S1) Management 
  3. c. Bachelor Degree (S1) Accounting 
  1. 1. Economics 
The department provides understanding in micro and macro economics theories to prepare students becoming leaders in solving economic problems. In addition, it developmental economics and behavioural economics offers a distinctive local insight of economic development and behaviour of people in rural area of Sumbawa (Eastern Indonesia) and beyond.  Students are prepared to understand the classic theories of economics and its application in the current global challenges as well as the challenges faces by the rural development in Eastern Indonesia interacts with the local cultures and values.  
In this department, student can focus but not limited to the following areas:
  1. Financial Planning of Local Government 
  2. Bank and Monetary
  1. 2. Management 

The perk of globalisation is that people from every corner of the world is being connected more than ever. In learning business and management, this also bring rich cases to the table accessible for every learner in every part of the world. We utilise this to connect our students with global cases side by side with cases from local business to take them into comparative perspectives. 

The study program offers students to focus (but not limited) in the following areas:
a. Financial Management 

b. Marketing 

3. Accounting  
The program offers understanding on theories, concepts, and principal of accounting. Students are prepared with skills to perform and analyse financial reporting, auditing, and management control system.
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