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Entry and Exit Procedures

Pre Arrival

Collecting all the required documents before you arrive to the country.


All your requirements to ensure you’ll be eligible to stay in Indonesia.

Exit or Leaving

You can just leave once you finished all the programs depending on what study you take.

Pre Arrival Document Submission

Students must first send the scanned required documents by delivering an email to the Directorate of International Engagement & Collaboration of UTS which addressed

Scan the documents properly into an individual PDF file, 100 – 200 kb. If you face a problem with all the required documents, please visit this link.

Application of Study Permit

Should you receive an offer of admission, UTS becomes your facilitator or sponsor during the study periods in Indonesia.  The university will request the applicant’s study permit from the Ministry of National Education and Culture of Indonesia. It will take 3-7 working days after all the required documents are verified.

The maximum study permit validity is 2 years. It should be extended/renewed at least 2 months before the expiration date.

Telex Visa Arrangement

After the study permit has been issued, UTS will apply for a Visa Telex/Visa Application Approval Letter that is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. This letter is one of the requirements to apply for a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS).

Visa Application

Once the Telex is issued, you should immediately apply for a visa in the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate by submitting the Telex along with the rest of the required documents. For your information,  UTS will not pay for your visa application. The type of visa that is required for exchange and full degree students is the Limited Stay Visa for Students (VITAS Index C316).

We strongly suggest you to only stay in Indonesia with this type of visa. Another type of visa such as Cultural Social Visiting Visa (VKSB) is not recommended.


UTS will assist and provide all supporting documents that will be needed for some procedures after you arrived in Indonesia. There are some which mention below.

KITAS (Limited Stay Permit)

As the holder of Student VITAS, you have to convert it to KITAS.  KITAS stands for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas, which means Limited Stay Permit Card. KITAS previously was a card, now it is an electronic letter. As the holder of this KITAS, you are not able to engage in any kind of work.

Upon arrival in Sumbawa, you must apply for your KITAS in the Immigration Office of Sumbawa within two weeks.

Important! The process to obtain your KITAS & MERP can take up to two weeks (excluding weekend and public holidays). During this time YOU WILL NOT HAVE YOUR PASSPORT and you might not temporarily be able to go abroad, open a bank account, or obtain a local driving license. Please remember to have a copy of your passport with you at all times.

Police Report

After obtaining your KITAS, you will be reporting to the Local Police Authorization Office to obtain a Police Report Letter. This letter will be submitted to obtain a Temporary Residential Card. Our university staff will assist you during this procedure.

Temporary Residential Card (SKTT)

SKTT or Temporary Residential Card is a mandatory identity card for foreign nationals residing in Indonesia that is issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs as proof of legal residence. It is important to remember that within 14 days of the KITAS issuance date, KITAS holders must already have this document, or else will be fined up to IDR 2.000.000. To apply for an SKTT, you will do it to the head of the local Department of Population and Civil Registration.

Please refer to this Biaya Keimigrasian – Direktorat for more information about immigration matters & fees.

Leaving the Country EPO (Exit Permit Only)

As a KITAS holder, you are required to apply for EPO before you leave. EPO should be applied to the Immigration Office where your KITAS issued at least 7 days prior to your departure. Once your EPO is approved, you have to leave Indonesia in 7 days.

You only permissible to leave the country if you have finished the program in the university.