Faculty of Communication

Interdisciplinary in nature, communication studies is a perfect foundation to view and study human and their social life. The focus of this undergraduate program is to offer a critical exploration of contemporary social, politics, and culture in media and communication studies as well as training in communications management, public relations, and visual media production. While offering a broad foundation for social sciences studies and liberal arts education alike,  students can choose to focus (but not limited) on one of the following areas :

    a. political communications
    b. visual media studies
    c. public relations

Graduates of faculty of communications usually work in media corporations, NGOs, banks, governmental organizations, or create their own paths in entrepreneurship such as media production, content creation, photography, creative consultant, etc.
This study program is created for you to immerse yourself in social dynamics as well as creative spheres.

For further information about the faculty of communications, please visit its website  and instagram.

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